About Artly


rtly is an online platform that gives center stage to one exceptional artist at a time. We celebrate, promote, and sell outstanding work by prominent visual artists. Our environment is built to create easy and authentic connections between our members and the artists behind the featured work. Artly was born from the desire to celebrate great photography in an uncrowded context. We believe in great work. We want to work with fewer photographers and offer the highest level of care and curation.

Artly was founded by Cristina Trayfors, whose career in fashion and the arts began over 20 years ago and has covered nearly every angle of the business: agent, producer/entrepreneur, photographer and artist. She started her photography and production company in New York City when she was 23, and represented some of the biggest names in fashion. She went on to have her own career as a photographer, and has now partnered up with fellow artists to create Artly.

“There are several platforms that sell fine art prints, from the very high-end to the most inexpensive,” says Cristina. “And there is a lot of beautiful work available online today. But as a photography lover and collector, I find myself lost in the sea of images. I find that notable photographers and significant work is buried in the thousands of other featured artists. Images that are worlds apart live side by side, and quickly begin to blend into one another. Sadly, even the great work starts to feel generic.”

“Most of all, I think the relationship we have to the art we buy should be an emotional one. If we choose right, the art that lives with us every day becomes an invaluable part of our lives. Photography prints are just objects, but they are always great company. They are the things we grab first in a fire, along with family pictures and love letters. They share our every day lives, they move with us through the years, and when it’s a good match, they help tell the story of who we are.”